“Let me give you a word of advice, always bet on black!”

Well, the day is almost upon us.  The Georgia Bulldogs football team is facing a crossroads.  Heading into this 2012 season, the media and fans alike tabbed the bulldogs as the favorite to win the SEC east.  Many fans had dreams of an SEC title and maybe, just maybe a trip to Miami.  But after 1 week, yeah 1 WEEK, a lot of people seem to have doubts about their beloved Dawgs.  After all, we’ve heard this story before…

The 2008 team was hyped up, a hot preseason pick, returning tons of talent, and also got trash talked by an opponent before a big game.  We were apparently wearing our black jerseys to our own “funeral”.  And we did too; Alabama was without a doubt, a better team than us.  The media and fans across the country were right the 2008 team was overrated.

Are the 2012 Bulldogs destined to suffer the same fate?

One of Mizzou’s players has called us out.  How will the Dawgs respond?  This is it.  It’s crunch time.  Are we going to be this overrated, overhyped, “only good because of their weak schedule” team?

Or are we going to be the 2012 Bulldogs?

The team with an elite Quarterback certain to break records.  The team with a real deal Defensive Coordinator.  The team with returning players that WANT to be at UGA and do things the Georgia way.  The team with the best Defensive player in all of football.   The team that’s gonna show Missouri what SEC football is all about.  The team that is gonna GET AFTER THAT ASS!


Quote courtesy of Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57, you can count on me betting on the “RED and Black” this Saturday.



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