UAB loss – UGA gain

I’m really starting to get the feeling that Jake Ganus is going to produce for us this year.  He only played inside linebacker for one year but we are going to need someone to help fill the Herrera-Wilson void.  Hopefully he is our guy.  He had 16.5 tackles for loss last year, which is pretty good I don’t care what conference you’re in…. He also led the 4/4 scrimmage in tackles with 9, which doesn’t really mean anything but maybe they are letting him play a lot…  Plus he kind of resembles Tim Riggins… so he’s got to be good, right?


I’m officially changing my position on the matter

I’m done.  I’ve reached the point in this relationship where I just don’t see how we could go on together… some things were said, some things were done that just can never be undone (a squib kick!!!).  I’ve defended you so many times.  Too long have I answered the “why are you still with this guy” question with a nonchalant “just give him a chance, he’s a good man.” Sure we had some good times; the first blackout, celebrating in the end zone, the pollack years. But the bad times out weigh them, it’s every year now that we have at least one blowout loss due to the team being unprepared and another loss or two due to bad play calling…But no more, it’s time for me and Mark Richt to call it quits.  Neither one of us is happy really.  I’m sure he would be happier at a school where 9 wins doesn’t get you ridiculed, where his one strike and you’re out policy will be more appreciated, or a fanbase that wants to see guys who wait their turn get rewarded.

But not me… not us..  I want a damn championship and this guy just isn’t going to do it… I hope you find everything you’re looking for Mark, I just don’t think it’s going to be in Athens.

We hardly knew ye

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.23.33 AMAgent Muschamp officially given his walking papers but will coach last 2 games.  Now I know they beat us this year, and we were definitely out coached in that game… but I wish they would keep the poor guy around.  Maybe they can beat FSU for his swan song.  Over/under odds on him being the DC at South Carolina next year??


Poor Damn Eagle

This is what dominating a rivalry looks like: Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.02.19 AM

Not only have we won 7 of 9, our last three wins have been by 27,38, and 38. Winning the 7 games by an average of 23 points a game.  So as long as they don’t go to the national championship… we pretty much dominate them these days.  Obviously Auburn is a good program, but it is pretty crazy to see how badly we beat them.

This team still confuses me though, who thought after that easy 1st touchdown that we would shut them out the rest of the way.  Hopefully Gurley is okay, but man Nick Chubb…


Half a Hundred in Athens

It appears as if we are catching the war eagles at a good time for a change.  Coming off a bad loss, several games in a row in which their rush D was exposed, and they will likely be without their best receiving weapon.  Oh, we are also getting this guy back named Todd Gurley and the game will be under the lights in Athens.  Now I’m sure there are going to be some times in this game in which Nick Marshall cuts thru our D like swiss cheese but I think there are going to be more times where Gurley and Chubb completely have their way with the tigers.  IF our linebackers can be gap sound, something they didn’t do against Florida… then we can get the few stops we would need to break serve.  This is going to be a barnburner but I think our Defense makes one more play than theirs.   UGA 54 – AUBURN 42

p.s. I wish we were wearing the black jerseys.  I think it should be an Auburn home game tradition.

Bryan Allen Apologizes

Well, sort of… I don’t know if you guys saw THIS, but Bryan Allen finally broke silence and says he regrets what has transpired with Gurley, says he wants Gurley to play, and actually admires him.  He said he only gave Gurley $400 one time and didn’t speak to him again.

Transation:  My goodness, I should not have done this, maybe if I just say I only gave him $400 he will be reinstated and the bulldog nation will start to leave me alone.

Sorry Allen, once a douche, always a douche… good luck getting a job in this state.


So about this Bryan Allen loser

What a piece of shit..scum of the earth… Hey you’re gonna wave some cash around a college kid and get some autographs, i get it, its shady and you know you’re not supposed to but… but you gotta eat.

It takes a totally different kind of worm to do that and then 1) make a video of it. 2) say you dont want any money from it but just that everyone should know. 3) talk a kid into doing something they shouldnt, then after profiting from it try to ruin his career. and 4) shop the video around, contact several media outlets trying to see how much money you can make, and then complain that you dont want your name released.

What a piece of work… heard he’s a florida fan to boot.  He deserves the beating that is surely coming his way

I have one question for the NCAA… on UGA fan day, we had to pay $25 dollars to come in and get autographs from the UGA players… but if gurley does that on his own, he gets suspended?  They gotta change that.

Well that’s good news… at least we got Douglas

Don’t worry folks, Brendan Douglas has made the most of his carries this year since marshall/michel went down… I think we are fine… Thanks coaching staff.  8 attempts 47 yards.

Now the NCAA is ridiculous, and this rule (if that’s all it was) needs to be changed.  Players should be able to sell their stuff/autographs to whoever they want… at least UGA will be one of the poster children of getting that rule changed, not like that helps us…We weren’t going to win a national championship this year regardless but the thing that disappoints me the most is that all of America was waiting for this to happen, for our heisman finally slip up just like everyone else on our team…. well they got what the wanted

we’ll get em next year… start ramsey now