2015 Season Prediction!

9/5            Louisiana Monroe   WIN (1-0)
           Don’t overlook them. Lest we forget they beat Alabama less than 10 years ago!

9/12    @  Vanderbilt   WIN (2-0)

9/19          South Carolina   WIN (3-0)
            We are going to crush the ole ball coach, may even get a visor throw. They were unimpressive versus UNC, other than Pharoh Cooper… name a player.

9/26          Southern   WIN (4-0)

10/3          Alabama     WIN (5-0)
            This one has been a long time coming, time to exercise some demons. They are a very similar team to us this year but I think our Offensive line is a bit better and we have home field.

10/10   @  Tennessee   LOSS (5-1)
            Hopefully I’m wrong, but this stands out to me as the game that Richt doesn’t have the team ready for. Also, Tennessee is going to be much improved. I believe they will be coming off a loss to Arkansas, will be in a must win situation, and we will be still partying from the Bama victory.

10/17        Missouri   WIN (6-1)
            We saw what happened last year when you pressure Mauk. I don’t expect this year to be any different in Athens. Carter, Floyd, and Jenkins, this may be our best pass rush…. ever.

10/31        Florida   Win (7-1)
            I think the gators defense will still be solid but there is just too much turnover on the coaching/coordinator front. You got to figure our players have this one circled. Hopefully Mcelwain will be a bust.

11/7          Kentucky   Win (8-1)
            They will beat a few people this year but we will not be one of them.

11/14   @  Auburn   Lost (8-2)
            I know we handled them last year but this one scares me a little. It’s on the plains and I do unfortunately think Jeremy Johnson will be better than Marshall.

11/21        Georgia Southern   Win (9-2)

11/28   @  Georgia Tech   Win (10-2)
            So we won 7 in a row, then 1 to Tech, then 5 in a row, then 1 to Tech… So we should at least win the next 3 right? Maybe one of their nerd students can figure out that sequence for me.

10-2, but Tennessee loses 3(Ark,Bama,Miz) and we get a rematch with the war eagles in Atlanta where Auburn doesn’t have miracles.

11-2 SEC Champions!

Playoff? Bowl game? We shall see


Turn on that Hype machine

So every year I say the same thing.  I’m not going to let myself get sucked into the preseason UGA hype.  Us Georgia fans seem to always be spouting the “wait till next year” spiel but are any of these next years ever going to be this year?  Maybe this is actually the year, maybe it’s not but I’m slowing starting to picture myself flying to Phoenix in January.

Am I wrong to starting thinking this; apparently I’m not the only one.  Every CBS analyst has the Dawgs at least winning the division.  Multiple other blogs/news sites put the Dawgs at the top.  Saturday Down South is an SEC blog I look at from time to time.  They did SEC position group rankings.  There were 8 total groups and Georgia was ranked #1 in 4 of them.  Offensive Line, Running Backs, Linebackers, and Special Teams.  Aside from just SEC rankings there are some that say we are #1 in those groups out of the whole country!  Yahoo ranking below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.49.06 PM

Without a doubt we do have the best Linebackers in the country. I just don’t see how any team is going to drop back and have time to throw on us this season…but they may run it.  But with our O-line and running back core we should be able to successfully play keep away every game much like last year.  So lets turn that hype machine on full blast, pour ourselves some kool aid, and kick back… only 1 week till kickoff.

2015 SEC outlook vs Power 5

Here is the SEC slate versus power 5 schools in 2015 and my useless early predictions.

September 5
South Carolina vs North Carolina (Charlotte) W
Alabama vs Wisconsin (Dallas) W
Auburn vs Louisville (Atlanta) W
Texas A&M vs Arizona State (Houston) L
*remember when teams used to do home and homes versus each other*
September 12
Tennessee vs Oklahoma W

September 19
Arkansas vs Texas Tech W

September 26
LSU at Syracuse W

November 28
Florida vs Florida State L
Georgia at North Avenue Nerdery W
Kentucky vs Louisville W
South Carolina vs Clemson L

Honorable mentions:

September 26
South Carolina vs UCF W

November 14
Missouri vs BYU (Kansas City) W

As you can see, pretty weak schedule. But at least we open and close strong to somewhat quiet the haters, and I think we will do well as usual.  I think all the thanksgiving games will be a tossup but I think Tennessee will take down OU, which will be huge.

UAB loss – UGA gain

I’m really starting to get the feeling that Jake Ganus is going to produce for us this year.  He only played inside linebacker for one year but we are going to need someone to help fill the Herrera-Wilson void.  Hopefully he is our guy.  He had 16.5 tackles for loss last year, which is pretty good I don’t care what conference you’re in…. He also led the 4/4 scrimmage in tackles with 9, which doesn’t really mean anything but maybe they are letting him play a lot…  Plus he kind of resembles Tim Riggins… so he’s got to be good, right?


I’m officially changing my position on the matter

I’m done.  I’ve reached the point in this relationship where I just don’t see how we could go on together… some things were said, some things were done that just can never be undone (a squib kick!!!).  I’ve defended you so many times.  Too long have I answered the “why are you still with this guy” question with a nonchalant “just give him a chance, he’s a good man.” Sure we had some good times; the first blackout, celebrating in the end zone, the pollack years. But the bad times out weigh them, it’s every year now that we have at least one blowout loss due to the team being unprepared and another loss or two due to bad play calling…But no more, it’s time for me and Mark Richt to call it quits.  Neither one of us is happy really.  I’m sure he would be happier at a school where 9 wins doesn’t get you ridiculed, where his one strike and you’re out policy will be more appreciated, or a fanbase that wants to see guys who wait their turn get rewarded.

But not me… not us..  I want a damn championship and this guy just isn’t going to do it… I hope you find everything you’re looking for Mark, I just don’t think it’s going to be in Athens.

We hardly knew ye

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.23.33 AMAgent Muschamp officially given his walking papers but will coach last 2 games.  Now I know they beat us this year, and we were definitely out coached in that game… but I wish they would keep the poor guy around.  Maybe they can beat FSU for his swan song.  Over/under odds on him being the DC at South Carolina next year??


Poor Damn Eagle

This is what dominating a rivalry looks like: Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.02.19 AM

Not only have we won 7 of 9, our last three wins have been by 27,38, and 38. Winning the 7 games by an average of 23 points a game.  So as long as they don’t go to the national championship… we pretty much dominate them these days.  Obviously Auburn is a good program, but it is pretty crazy to see how badly we beat them.

This team still confuses me though, who thought after that easy 1st touchdown that we would shut them out the rest of the way.  Hopefully Gurley is okay, but man Nick Chubb…


Half a Hundred in Athens

It appears as if we are catching the war eagles at a good time for a change.  Coming off a bad loss, several games in a row in which their rush D was exposed, and they will likely be without their best receiving weapon.  Oh, we are also getting this guy back named Todd Gurley and the game will be under the lights in Athens.  Now I’m sure there are going to be some times in this game in which Nick Marshall cuts thru our D like swiss cheese but I think there are going to be more times where Gurley and Chubb completely have their way with the tigers.  IF our linebackers can be gap sound, something they didn’t do against Florida… then we can get the few stops we would need to break serve.  This is going to be a barnburner but I think our Defense makes one more play than theirs.   UGA 54 – AUBURN 42

p.s. I wish we were wearing the black jerseys.  I think it should be an Auburn home game tradition.