Your move Gary Pinkel

UGA Mizzou has released receiver Dorial Green Beckham.  What do ya know. Take a look at the comments, its funny how an article about Mizzou releasing a troubled teen turns into a big argument about how lenient Mark Richt is…  Sources say Auburn has already inquired about his jersey size.

so about that weak bball conference

2 teams in the final 4 and UT had a good showing as well.  Not too shabby.  If Georgia had a better showing in the NIT then everyone would be saying we surely deserved a shot.  I saw an interesting stat, the SEC has had more final four team the last 5 years than any other conference… I would love to see us win the title… even if it is the gaytors.  GO SEC!Unknown

3-N-Out, the impending death of the college redshirt

Lets face it. College football is just the NFL’s minor league.  Each year that goes by there are more and more junior and sophomore departures.  Which begs the question, why even redshirt these star players?  I’m not talking about just solid starters that don’t really have an NFL future but more so the stud five star recruits or guys with potential.  I think the idea of redshirting potential impact players has fallen by the wayside. Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.19.42 PM


Jonnny Manziel, Knowshon Moreno, and Jameis Winston (likely) are a few examples of guys who redshirted, left as sophomores, and missed an entire season of playing.  Kapri Bibbs rushed for 1700+ yards and 31 TDs last season at Colorado State as a redshirt sophomore.  He will be in the NFL draft next month… I don’t know if this guy will pan out or not but I bet CSU wishes they got to watch this record setter play for 3 seasons instead of 2.Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.19.07 PM


A lot of these 3 and out studs are easy to see.  AJ Green, Clowney, Alec Ogletree, Deandre Hopkins, and Julio Jones were all obviously going to leave after 3 seasons.  But it’s the non blue chip prospects with potential like Manziel that get redshirted then dominate for only 2 seasons that make coaches second guess who they redshirt.

Speaking of good off-seasons…

The Atlanta Braves are making significant moves to lock up key players for the future.  In a little over a week the Braves signed Heyward to a 2-year deal, signed young superstar Freddie Freeman to a monstrous 8-year $135 contract, and now have signed who they hope will be their #1 starter of the future in Julio Teheran.  Teheran signed a 6-year $32.4 million contract with an option for year number 7.

The Braves of recent years have not had the wallet to sign the farm guys to long-term deals.  It seems we are already seeing the benefits of the new 2017 stadium (which I am entirely on board with…).  Freeman and Teheran’s contracts are both loaded at the back end. The Braves are banking on having a bigger payroll to furnish these contracts once they move into the new stadium in 2017.  And a new stadium in a better location should earn way more revenue from ticket sales, concessions, etc… Julio Teheran will earn $800,000 in 2014, $1M in 2015, and only $3.3M in 2016. In his 6 years however, he will average $5.4 a year… which is about what Phillie Kyle Kendrick will make in 2014.  Checkmate Braves.



The Anti-Logan Gray

I think our prayers were answered yesterday.  The prayers we really didn’t know we had.  It has been a long time since Georgia actually had a return game.  I think the last real threat we had on punt returns was Damien Gary, about 10 years ago.  It’s been scary watching all those guys muff punts the last few years.  You know it’s bad when you are just hoping to get a clean fair catch every 4th down.  I don’t think Logan Gray ever gained a yard… but I don’t remember him fumbling it either.

Well, I think we may actually have found our guy in Isaiah Mckenzie.  This dude is not going to call for a fair catch.  He is so small the gunners may not see his arms go up even if he did.  As we’ve seen in the past how big an impact returners like Trindon Holliday and Percy Harvin can have on a game, I like to think we may be in for a treat the next few years having our own game changer.

Pruitt wins DC lottery!

I am by no means any sort of breaking news reporter or anything but it seems pretty official that former FSU DC Jeremy Pruitt is heading to Athens.  I guess we have to stop bashing the ACC now and talk up the offenses in which he corralled.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.47.42 PM


Aside from the fact that he is a great recruiter, I think the best part about this hire is that the secondary is surely to improve.  He was DC/secondary coach for 4 bcs title teams with secondarys ranked in the top 10.

Final Conference by Conference Bowl records

Well the streak is over, oh well.  The SEC still had the best bowl season as a conference.  I think everyone saw that FSU is a good team but likely would have lost 1 or 2 if they played in the SEC. Watch out 2014!


Wins    Losses
AAC  (2-3)  UCF, Louisville, Rutgers, Houston, Cincinnati
ACC  (5-6)  North Carolina, FSU, Pitt, Clemson, Syracuse, Maryland, MIami, Boston College, VT, Duke, Georgia Tech
Big 10  (2-5)  Michigan State, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan
Big 12  (3-3)  Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, Ok. State, Baylor
Pac 12  (6-3)  USC, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Arizona state, Washington State, Stanford
SEC  (7-3)  Mizzou, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Miss State, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama


The only similarity between Murray and Tebow

Do you remember when Tebow was starting for the Broncos?  Tebow mania was awful, and it was quite annoying how every gator fan in the world was then wearing Bronco tshirts.  Well, that is going to be us when Aaron Murray starts playing in the NFL.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Matthew Stafford, I cheer for the Lions and watch him when it’s on but when and if Murray starts a few games for some team like the cardinals.  It will be different and I won’t miss a snap.

Food for thought:  How many people would have thought we could go 8-4 this season and yet Dawg fans would love Murray more than before the season started.  That’s how I feel at least…